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Hyashi kougei

Every part of the process is done by hand, from the materials stage through to the processing.

FORES, Japanese washi paper lighting created from Mino Washi, which has a history of 1300 years. FORES lighting is produced by Hayashi Kogei in Mino, Gifu Prefecture, the birthplace of Gifu lanterns. Making full use of traditional artisinal skills, the entire production production process is streamlined, starting from the washi paper making, through to the frame welding and construction, the painting, and the papering of the lantern. Washi paper lighting, which combines both functional and formal beauty, has won numerous good design awards, while its design strength is acknowledged in Japan also.

Hyashi kougei

Expanding the potential of Japanese washi paper.

Hyashi Kougei

Washi paper has been handed down though the generations in Japan, and in the past, it was used to create a range of objects such as kimonos, lanterns, fans, folding fans, purses, cushions, books, and umbrellas. These days, it is put to use in a more limited way, in things like wall paper and shoji and fusuma sliding doors, although it actually has a wide potential of applications. Hayashi kogei produces not only lighting and interior decoration items, but also washi bags. Hayashi kogei continues new product development as it explores the possibilities of washi paper. The soft illumination that is achieved using washi can also be considered an important element of interior coordination.