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Conveying the Delicate Technique of 'edokiriko', A Type of Faceted Glass from the Edo Period

Hirota glass started up in 1899 in Kinshi, Sumida ward, Tokyo. Their skills have been polished over the course of more than 100 years, enchanted by the sparkle of glass. Tatsuro Hirota, who is the fourth generation in this line of glass-markers, says of his feelings about glass: "Thanks to having grown up in a household in which I was surrounded by it, I came into contact with glass tableware more than the average person. That's the very reason why I want to continue passing on the message of the charm and texture of glass to as many people as possible." The thing that sets Hirota glass apart is their obsession with 'Japaneseness'. They doesn't make things like wine glasses - rather, they focuses on glass tableware which is compatible with traditional Japanese dining culture. Of course, all of their products are handmade from start to finish.