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"Furoshiki"- traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap things was originally invented in 1600's. The name of "Furoshiki" is a combination of two words “furo” and “shiki” meaning “bath” and “to spread” respectively. It is named because people used it for wrapping and carrying their belongings when they went to public baths. ASAKURA SENPU CO., a textile-dyeing company in Kiryu, Gunma prefecture added a new value to "Furoshiki". The city has been flourished with the textile industry from more than 1300 years ago, and it played an important role in developing Japan’s export industry after Meiji Era. ASAKURA SENP also started its own business in 1892 and blushed up their skills to dye fabric, and started manufacturing “Furoshiki” eventually.


Super Water-Repellent Technology

ASAKUSA SENPU has been dedicating to blush up their skills to dye fabric, and they invented a new and unique technology called “water-repellent”.
By adhering fluorocarbons to the filaments of the fabric one by one, the fabric can repel water. Compared to “water-proof”, “water-repellent” is different in breathability. What makes water-repellent fabric makes unique is that the fact it is enable to not only “hold” water in it, but also “squeeze” the water from it. This technology was recognized worldwide, and major swimsuits manufactures started order the water repellent fabrics. Now, the skill of ASAKURA SENPU is used for inventing swimsuits which are worn by world’s great swimmers.