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Essential Item for Japanese Cuisine

“Japanese Cuisine” was registered as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. The philosophy of Japanese cuisine and a sincere passion for food is highly praised by people around the world. Traditional Japanese cooking method which brings out the truest flavor of fresh ingredients, and how they are served on plates by seasons, is the important feature of Japanese cuisine. And you cannot forget that chopsticks are always there by side.

Chopsticks are utensils to pick up your food with two sticks, and they have been used in China, Korea Japan, and other Asian countries for a long period of time. Unlike forks, you don’t have to stab your food to pick them up. Suitable for grabbing small things, such as removing the fish bone and picking up small beans. But there are few weak points, like dividing hard meat in pieces and picking up slippery noodles, is not easy for chopsticks.

“nicoichi” is a new type of chopsticks produced by the members of  BO Projects, and they are taking traditional chopsticks to a whole new level. They seem like an ordinary chopsticks, but once you flip over one chopstick upside down and place it side by side, you would see a new form. This new form enabled to achieve the weak points of chopsticks.

                                Breaking The Bias and Pursuing User Friendly Chopstick

Like knives and spoons, “nicoichi” is a chopstick with multiple functions which can be used not only for Japanese cuisines but also for Western cuisines.
It has two wide and narrow surfaces. When you face the wide side up, you can scoop your food like spoons, and when you turn it sideways, the corner can be used like knives. You can even pick up slippery noodles without any effort.


Producer's Hopes Became a Reality


The design of “nicoichi” chopstick is very simple, but producers were very particular about creating this unique and beautiful shape. Iron wood is used as a material. They searched for most suitable woods, with right strength and flexibility, and they reached to iron wood.
And they searched for skilled craftsman who can cut out the wood in shapes, and they finally found him in Fukui prefecture. The smooth silky texture and the exact shape which fits your hand cannot be produced by machines.
“nicoichi” is made of specially selected materials, and produced by well experienced craftsman. Their hope was to make a user friendly and high quality chopsticks, and that is what “nicoichi” is all about. Kota Matsumoto is well experienced lacquer craftsman. Unlike other chopsticks, it has a very unusual cross section. One end is diamond shaped, and as it gets to the tip, it changes to triangle. He was the only one who has the skills to color the irregular inner and outer surface separately, and to be able to manufacture this unique chopsticks.