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Japanese Setta Sandals Cow Leather Dark Brown

Yamato Kobo

Cool and stylish Setta is made of cowhide and pig skin. This pair of Setta is handmade by skilled crafts men durably, and emits a luxurious ambiance. Moreover, you can use the setta overtime, and it still looks good.

Yamato Kobo Men's Setta Sandal

Setta Size Chart

M: 23-24 cm, L: 25-26 cm, LL: 26-27 cm

*Please be noted that the size shown here are only as a reference. Normally a smaller size is suggested when choosing setta. 1-3cm should stick out from back of your heel.

[Material] Tochigi Cow Leather

*Right and left shoes are not identical.
*This product is not meant to be worn in adverse weather conditions.

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