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HIROTA Glass: Small Cup Tumbler 冷茶 Ichimatsu Check 市松 TR-15-1 -made in Japan


A small glass tumbler with a traditional Ichimatsu pattern.

Milky white color is made by adding extreme temperature change to a special glass material which includes bone ash. This method was common in Meiji to Taisho era.

About Hirota Glass

Founded in Tokyo in 1899, Hirota Glass has established itself as one of the oldest pioneers of the Japanese glassworks industry. Marrying the traditional glass manufacturing methods of Europe with Japanese artistry, Hirota Glass have created their own signature style; one that explores hand-crafted glass to its artistic limits whilst
staying true to its classic designs and influences dating back to the pre-war period.


【Size】φ72xH60mm (Φ2.83" × H2.36inch) /140ml 



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