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agney: Bamboo Ware Baby Toddler Spoon and Fork L -Made in Japan


This beautiful bamboo wares with smooth and gentle touch are created by craftsmen in Saitama prefecture, located in the north part of  Kanto region, considered as suburb of Tokyo.

6 layers of food-safe coatings will help prevent bamboo from getting stained, so you can serve soup without caring for food stain. They are dishwasher safe and easy to care.

Size: Spoon/15.5cm(6.1inch)  Fork/15cm(H5.9inch)
Note: Dishwasher safe

*Please set the temperature under 70°C/158°F when using dishwasher.

*Please note that because this product is made by hand from natural materials, there may be individual variations in color and shape.


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