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Kurikyu K-123 Japanese Bentwood Decorative Plate 3pcs Set-Made in Japan


Each decorative plates are made of single sheet of Japanese Cedar bentwood. The smooth round shape  is created by unique traditional way.

Bentwood products are traditionally made in Akita prefecture, northern part of Japan. It is said that it all started with a Japanese woodcutter, who made his own lunch box by bending the cedar woods. This method widely spread more than 400 years ago, among Samurais as their stay-at-home-jobs.

Products are all handmade by highly skilled artisans. Smooth whitish surface and the fresh scent of wood is the important feature, and they are extremely light.  Style your dinning table with beautiful decorative plates!


Weight/apprx.20g each

Material/Japanese Cedar



It is NOT dishwasher safe. Please wash with hot water using sponge, and rinse it well again with hot water. Wipe well after washing, and dry them well.

Do not use powder cleanser, bleach and other harsh chemical detergents.

You might feel the wood scent strong at first, but it will fade away as you use.



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