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Tenugui Towel -Lucky Charms


Fukuinu is as lucky charm for a safe childbirth.
The combination of bamboo and dog in Chinese character has meaning of "laugh".
A happy home filled with joy and laughter.

Size: approx. 36cm *90cm (14.2" *35.4inch)

Material: 100% cotton

 About kenema

The most distinctive feature of kenema’s tenugui is that they are dyed using the chusen technique. Chusen is a particular kind of stencil-based dyeing. With chusen, a starch paste is first applied, then dye is poured onto both sides of the layers of fabric (which have been piled one on top of the other), creating a dyed pattern. The tenugui fabric is dyed on both sides, which gives it a particular three-dimensional quality that cannot be enjoyed with any other printing technique.

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