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kenema : Tenugui 手ぬぐい 54572 First Sunrise and Cranes 初日の出 -Made in Japan


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New year's day, the first sunrise tells us the start of the new year. Cranes are also praying to the sunrise. Great towel to begin your new year!

About the brand; Kenema                                                                                               The most distinctive feature of kenema’s tenugui is that they are dyed using the chusen technique. Chusen is a particular kind of stencil-based dyeing. Also you would be surprised at the number of different patterns. From traditional to modern patterns, they produces tenugui in a truly wide variety of patterns. On top of this, is the texture. Specially made from sarashi, a bleached cotton cloth commonly used for producing high quality yukata and tenugui. Not only is the fabric absorbent, but it will soften and adapt to your skin the more you use it.

Size: about 36cm × 90cm (14.2" × 35.4inch)

Material: 100% cotton

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