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Kurikyu: K-202 Double Layer Bentwood Bento Box "Mage-Wappa" RS -made in Japan


It is not just a Bento box, it is a piece of art!  

Double layer Japanese bento box made of natural cedar wood.  Because the lid and the inner surface of the top layer is without urethane coating, we recommend you packing bread or rice in the top layer. The wood without the coating absorbs right amount of moisture of rice and bread, and keeps them fresh! Bottom layer is for side dishes and snacks. Urethane coating will prevent the wooden container from getting oily and smelly.  After you finished your meal, you can put upper container into lower compartment, so it doesn't take up much space in your bag. 

Japanese traditional bentwood lunch box, "Mage-Wappa", is made of natural Japanese Cedar. They are traditionally made in Akita prefecture, northern part of Japan. It is said that it all started with a Japanese woodcutter, who made his own lunch box by bending the cedar woods. This method widely spread more than 400 years ago, among Samurais as their stay-at-home-jobs.

Bento boxes are all handmade by highly skilled artisans. Smooth whitish surface and the fresh scent of wood is the important feature, and they are extremely light so you can take them anywhere.  Enjoy the beauty of natural wood bento box!



Material/Japanese Cedar

SKU/K-202RS   *RS means Rice Small. The bottom case is larger than the top case. The top case (smaller case) is for packing rice or bread, and the bottom layer is for snacks and side menus. If you want to pack lots of rice/bread rather than side menus, choose RL type.


Because the wood is still dry at first, please wipe the inside of lunch box with wet cloth before packing rice. It prevents the rice from sticking  inside.

It is NOT dishwasher safe. Please wash with hot water using sponge, and rinse it well again with hot water. Wipe well after washing, and dry them with the RIM SIDE UP.

Do not use powder cleanser, bleach and other harsh chemical detergents.

You might feel the wood scent strong at first, but it will fade away as you use.

Rice might turn yellowish at first, but it is caused by the natural wood's color so it is not harmful. 


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