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Nagare: Super Water-Repellent Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth) 96cm MAMEZARA Crinkled Crêpe Fabric -Made in Japan


  • $54.00

Furoshiki is a versatile Japanese wrapping cloth and they are often used to carry your belongings. You can also use them as table cloth, tapestry, grocery bag and many other ways.

Cute Mamezara printed on a crepe water repellent furoshiki. Mamezara is a small plate often used to put soy sauce, spices and small snacks. Mamezara with various shapes and designs are fun to collect. 

*Crinkled crepe fabric uses twisted thread, which creates bigger gaps in the weave pattern, and unlike the plain weave fabric it cannot hold water.
(It can repel water)

Size: 96cm × 96cm

Material: 100% polyester


The size of each product might be slightly different.

This is a machine washable item. However, PLEASE DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER, or it reduces the water-repellency of the product.

Detergent is water-absorbent, and the water-repellency is reduced if it adheres to the fabric. If so, please wash it with water or lukewarm water.

Please DO NOT BLEACH THIS PRODUCT, or it reduces the water-repellency of the product.

The actual colors may vary slightly from the one you see on your monitor.

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