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RIVERET: Bamboo Wine Vessel Octus White/Brown-Made in Japan


The name "Octus" came from the vessel's base shape which is octagon.   
This wine glass has been exquisitely crafted by skilled artisans and their unique skills, and makes use of the bamboo's original white color. Merely the presence of this elegantly tall wine vessel can instantly transform your dining table into a refined dining scene with its natural and high-quality design. Without affecting the flavor of the wine, the delicate edge of the cup is also perfectly suited for drinking, while its lightweight and easy to grip form casts a striking silhouette. Perfect for use both in home, or ideal as a unique fashionable gift.
*Each wine vessel may have slightly different coloring due to being crafted from natural materials.

Color: White,Brown
Size: 60mm diameter × 160mm tall (2.4" diameter × 6.3 inch tall)
Capacity: About 130ml                                                                                                     Package size:140×100×H240mm (5.5" × 4" × H9.4 inch tall)                                                             Weight: 210g (Including package) 

<Dishwasher safe>

*Please set the temperature under 70°C/158°F when using dishwasher.

*Please note that because this product is made by hand from natural materials, there may be individual variations in color and shape.


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