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Yamato Kobo: Men's Flip-Flop Cow Leather Dark Brown/R5400-dbr【M・L】 -Made in Japan


Cool and stylish Setta is made of cowhide and pig skin. This pair of Setta is handmade by skilled crafts men durably, and emits a luxurious ambiance. Moreover, you can use the setta overtime, and it still looks good.

Size/ M: 24.5-25.5cm(US:6.5-7.5),  L:26-27 cm(US:8.0-9.0)

*Please be noted that the size shown here are only as a reference. Normally a smaller size is suggested when choosing setta. 1-3cm should stick out from back of your heel.

Material: Tochigi Cow Leather


Right and left shoes are not identical.

This product is not meant to be worn in adverse weather conditions.

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