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Yamato Kobo : Men's Flip Flop Setta Panama Woven with Wave Strap/H726【M/LL】 -Made in Japan


The panama woven setta is made of breathable and durable grass called baranso. Panama woven is very popular way of weaving, and known for its durability. The bottom is made of rubber, and it is very reasonable. This pear of setta is recommended for daily use too.

Size: M: 24.5-25.5 cm(US:6.5-7.5),L: 26-27 cm(US:8.0-9.0),LL: 27-28 cm(US:9.0-10)

*Please be noted that the size shown here are only as a reference. Normally a smaller size is suggested when choosing setta. 1-3cm should stick out from back of your heel.


 Insole: Cast-iron grass (Panama weave)
 Straps: Cotton
 Outsole: Rubber


Right and left shoes are not identical.

This product is not meant to be worn in adverse weather conditions.

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