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Enpuku "縁福” 5580 Gauze Towel / Lucky Daruma -Made in Japan


DARUMA (Japanese Traditional Lucky Doll)

Yellow and blue Darumas printed on high quality gauze towel. Daruma stands up even how many times they get pushed. A message of Not Giving Up.

This towel is made in Senshu district, in Oosaka prefecture. Senshu is well -known towel manufacturing district. The history of Senshu towel all started in 1800s, and still being used by many people in Japan. Gauze is used on the front side, and the back is pile. Extremely soft and thin but absorbs water very well. Gentle to your skin, great for babies and children too!

Size: approx. 13" × 35 1/2" (34cm * 90cm)

Material: 100% cotton

Weight: approx. 70g


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