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Leger Washi Bag S (WH, RD, BK)


Bags of "washi" (Japanese paper)

Making the most of the characteristics of washi
Hayashi Kogei Ltd is a company with expert skills in using Mino-washi; their new project is a bag of washi, the "Leger". Using the characteristic lightness, feel and robustness of washi, they've created an elegant bag. It's specially designed so you can use it for a long time, achieving a 4th grade standard in color fastness to light (JIS L0842) and 4th grade standard in color fastness to rubbing (JIS L0849). Through combinations of Mino washi and real leather, you can discover the new charms of washi.

A light-weight but strong bag made of handmade Japanese "washi" paper. It's special treated to ensure its water repellent quality and durability. This bag is made by combining Japanese paper and genuine leather, giving it a heightened sense of elegance.

Material: Japanese "washi" paper (Handmade paper w/ cotton threads) + Genuine Leather (cow hide)
Size: About W19cm × H19cm × D13cm
Color: White/Red/Black
Weight: about 218g

Made in Japan

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