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Washi Paper Stone Floor Lamp


A pendant lighting that resembles a towering ice stone. It has a mystic design that links the motif of an ice with the translucency of Japanese paper. This shaded and foldable lighting can be used after being assembled. Winner of the Good Design Award in 2001 and 2003, and special prize winner of Tokyo International Furniture Fair in 2004.

Bulb: standard (clear) 40w × 1 (included)
   *You may also use a light bulb-shaped fluorescent light.
Japanese paper: hemp "rakusuishi" paper
Size: Width 30cm x Height 56cm
7A 125V
Made in Japan

Knockdown style (collapsible shade style)
The power cable has been designed in accordance with Japanese standards and is not intended for use outside of Japan.
While it may be possible to use this cable outside of Japan, the respective safety standards for other countries have not been followed.
Assembly of this product is straightforward, but please note that the manual is in Japanese.

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