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ISSOU : Japanese 'Hashi' Chopsticks Kagefuji Red/Black -Made in Japan


  • $16.20

 We have 2 different color variation. Please choose from red or black.

 Size:22.5cm & 21.5cm

Urushi lacquer (Wajima coating)

In wooden box

For purchase of 2 or more set , we will restock the item and ship. In such case, it might takes longer to deliver than usual.

・Please wash as soon as possible with (hot) water after use, and wipe off water with a dry and soft cloth.
・To avoid discoloration or deformation of the chopsticks, please store them out of direct sunlight.
・Do not use near an open flame.
・Do not use polishing powder or a sourer on this item.
・Do not put in the dishwasher or dryer or heat in the microwave.
・If the chopsticks' paint becomes chipped or cracked, please replace the chopsticks as soon as possible.
・Please do not use the chopsticks for anything other than eating.
・The ends of the chopsticks are sharp, so children should be especially careful when using.
・Some people might have allergic reactions to urushi lacquer.

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