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Japanese Setta Sandals Re:kyu Shijira Weave Strap | H3003 Size 3L

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Yamato Kobo


This comfortable pair of Setta (Zori) is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Nara prefecture. You can wear the setta overtime, and it still looks good.
Their original insole with three functional cushions enables you to walk comfortably.
Breathable insole is woven with thick hemp knitted roughly, makes the insole not too hard but not too soft. 
Shijira fabric, a traditional fabric produced in Tokushima prefecture, is used for the strap. The fabric is woven with threads dyed with indigo and its particular texture adds beauty to this setta. 

Setta Sandal Size Chart

L: 26-26.5 cm, LL: 27-27.5 cm, 3L: 28cm-28.5cm

*Please be noted that the size shown here are only as a reference. Normally a smaller size is suggested when choosing setta.(1-3cm of your heels can stick out from back of setta.)

Strap/Shijira weave 
Insole/Thick hemp

*Right and left shoes are not identical.
*This product is not meant to be worn in adverse weather conditions.
*Scratches and small holes in the soles may occur during the manufacturing process, however, there is no problem in use.

[Returns & Refunds]
We do accept returns and refunds when the size did not fit you. 
*The original shipping fee from your order will not be refunded.
* Customers are responsible for all shipping charges for any returned products.
*We will process a refund when return of the items have been confirmed.

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