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Tenugui Towel -Sakura Under the Moon


Dancing down cherry petals under the moonlight is mysterious yet exquisite. People are always attracted by its beauty. See how people enjoy their scenery in various places.

Size: approx. 36cm *90cm (14.2" *35.4inch)

Material: 100% cotton

About kenema

The most distinctive feature of kenema’s tenugui is that they are dyed using the chusen technique. Chusen is a particular kind of stencil-based dyeing. With chusen, a starch paste is first applied, then dye is poured onto both sides of the layers of fabric (which have been piled one on top of the other), creating a dyed pattern. The tenugui fabric is dyed on both sides, which gives it a particular three-dimensional quality that cannot be enjoyed with any other printing technique.

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