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Nagare: Super Water-Repellent Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth) 96cm CORN POPPY Plain Weave -Made in Japan


A Corn Poppy, blooms in spring to early summer, has the language of flowers ‘a premonition of love’ or ‘a sympathy’. You feel your heart beating fast to see it. The gradation of its flower petal is very beautiful, and the knot makes like green leaves, so you can use this pattern with a model-like feeling.

Design:Maki Kouno

Size: 96cm × 96cm

Material: 100% polyester



The size of each product might be slightly different. This is a machine washable item. However, PLEASE DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTERNER, or it reduces the water-repellency of the product(s). Detergent is water-absorbent, and the water-repellency is reduced if it adheres to the fabric. If so, please wash it with water or boiled water, and it returns to normal. Please DO NOT BLEACH THIS PRODUCT, or it can be no more water-repellency. This is an item comes with Furoshiki itself.

We cannot guarantee that your devices monitor’s display of any color will be accurate.

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