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Yamagata Koubou : Kendama けん玉 Ozora in 6 Colors -Made in Japan

Yamagata Koubou Co.,Ltd

  • $19.40

Basic kendama for beginners and advanced players. This kendama is officially certified by Japan Kendama Association.

Kendama is a Japanese traditional toy which consists from a wooden cup and a ball attached to it by string. There are over 1,000 different techniques.

Yamagata Koubou Co.,Ltd specializes in making Kendama since 1973. Their kendamas are used in official kendama competition and are the top share factory in the market.

With their kendama, you can take an exam hosted by Japan Kendama Association and receive their official certificates. Because their kendamas are used in official events and exams to do various tricks, their high-quality kendamas are all made carefully one by one in the hands of skilled craftsmen.


To prevent choking, please keep kendamas out of reach from children under 3 years.

This toy is for 6 years and up.

Please make sure the string is not broken before use.

Do not through or swing the kendama. It might cause an injury or an accident.

Please make sure the place is safe and have enough space to play.

Do not wrap the string around your neck or fingers.

For your safety, please do not use broken or damaged kendamas.

Passed ST testing( Japanese safety toy test), Passed CPSIA testing
Color Variation: Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Wooden
Wood : Beech, Sakura                                                                                                          
Size : 18cm 
Includes User guide, Spare string

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