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Nara Setta is The Best

Setta are traditional Japanese footwear which have been worn since the Muromachi Period (1392-1573). It is said that the father of setta is Sen no Rikyu, the greatest tea master of all time.
Since they are very comfortable and beautiful, they had become popular gradually. During the Genroku Period (1688-1704), new types of Setta were invented such as Damascened-inlay Setta.

YAMATO KOBO is located in Misato-cho, Nara where used to be flourished with farming and zori (traditional Japanese footwear) industry. The town had started manufacturing Hanao (straps for Japanese traditional shoes), and they produced 9 million straps for a year in 1920’s. Later, European-style shoes were introduced, and the industry of Setta were decreased gradually.
Nowadays Misato-cho is the only industrial cluster which still produce traditional Japanese footwear in Japan.


Wear Setta Casually and Stylishly

The setta of YAMATO KOBO assure the comfortableness and ease of ware, even for people who does not get use to wear Setta.
By adopting 3 sponges in the center of heel and toe, these protect feet from hurting. Although Setta are usually made symmetrically, YAMATO KOBO move the strap (hanao) to keep litter fingers away from the ground.
We usually recommend customers to choose smaller setta. If your heels are out from setta a little bit, you can walk in setta easily. 


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