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Yamada Zenjidou Exhibition

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Yamada Zenjidou Exhibition

Yamada Zenjidou De Gozaru -I am Yamada Zenjidou

Yamada Zenjidou is THE contemporary Ukiyo-e artist in Japan with more than 190,000 instagram followers!
His humours and funny stories which a lot of Japanese people can relate to, are popular among Japanese fans.
This will be his first exhibition in Hiroshima. 
How do Japanese feel in their daily lives…If you are curious about us, please read his short comments on each Ukiyo-e.

Feb.23rd(Fri.),2018 to Mar.18th(Sun.),2018
At monokoto store 2F

【Yamada Zenjidou Book Signing!!】
※Greet the author! To attend the book signing, please bring his book ,or purchase more than 1,000Yen of his book or goods at monokoto store.

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