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How We Use Tenugui

Posted by Nakashima Yoko on

Tenugui, is a Japanese traditional must-have item that have been used since the Nara era(more than 1,300 years ago!),.
This 36cm × 90cm cotton cloth can be used like a towel, but there are so many other ways to enjoy it!

Today,Mono-koto store staff will show you how they use their tenugui.

■Ms. Yamashiro Recommend■
"Wrap it around your neck!"
Thin and light tenugui is perfect to wrap around your neck. It will protect the back of your neck from sunburn, and also from a cold AC air. If you are going to spend a long time out in the heat, wrap ice pack with tenugui and then wrap it around your neck. It will instantly cool you down for sure!

■Ms.Nakashima Recommend■
"Great for gift wrapping!"
If you are invited to a dinner or party, a bottle of wine wrapped with tenugui might make a great gift!
In fact, it's quite easy to wrap. 
①Lay the bottle in the center of your tenugui. Cover the bottle up to shoulder.
②Fold both corners of the crease, and cover both sides of tenugui on the bottle.
③Twist the top cloth.
④Wrap the twisted tenugui around the neck and tie.

■Ms.Shimamura Recommend■
"Wipe!Wipe!...and Wipe!"
Especially in hot and humid summer, we experience an unpleasant smell from half-dried towels.
Tenugui which made from thin cloth dries very fast, so the bacteria is less likely to grow compared to thick pile towels.

Tenugi, how versatile you are!
Tell us your way of using Tenugui!

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