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Simple Steps to Save Your Mage-Wappa from Mold

Posted by Nakashima Yoko on

bentwood bento box

Hello! こんにちは!Thank you for visiting our online store! 

We just restocked beautiful cedar bentwood bento boxes.Take advantage of the the antibacterial effects of cedar to prevent food poisoning in upcoming summer! 

Did you know that a few simple steps when washing bentwood bento box will save them from mold contamination?
Simple but very important!

【1】Please wash with hot water using sponge, and rinse it well again with hot water. You can use thin detergent to remove greasy materials.

【2】Again, soak bento box in hot water. This helps moisture evaporate faster. ←IMPORTANT

【3】Wipe well, especially the corners. Molds tend to grow from the corners! ←IMPORTANT

【4】Air dry them RIM SIDE UP.

!!But If you find mold on your bentwood bento box!!
Try #180 sandpaper if the mold is on uncoated surface. *Please don't use sandpaper on coated surface.

Happy Mage Wappa life with simple 4 steps!

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