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Added New Tenugui and More!

Posted by shinya sogabe on

Wrap, Spread, Decorate, and Wear…Tenugui

Tenugui is one of our popular products in mono-koto store.

Back in the old days, samurai wrapped their heads with tenugui under their heavy helmets to keep them clean. Now, beautifully dyed tenugui are used not only for wiping hands and faces but for many other purposes.

You can wrap bento boxes (lunch boxes) or wine bottles when carrying outside. Also it can be used as bandanna or scarf. You can even decorate your walls and tables with them!

How to use tenugui

As you can see, there are various ways to enjoy them, and this is the reason why many Japanese pick tenugui as a casual gift.

We added new tenugui and kendama(wooden toy) online. Hope you enjoy shopping with us!

※All orders will be wrapped in mono-koto original wrapping paper.








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