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Happy New Year! 2017

Posted by shinya sogabe on

Happy new year! Akemashite omedetou from Hiroshima Japan! Thank you very much for all your support in 2016. We look forward to providing you more exciting and interesting Japanese products this year. 

In Japan, we have many joyful events in January. We visit shrines and temples to pray for safe and healthy year. And for children, the most exciting part will be Otoshidama. During the New Year holidays, many Children receive money in small envelopes(Pochi-bukuro) from their family.

We also have Coming of Age Day at January 9th. This celebrations is held annually on the second Monday of January to encourage young new adults. On this day, you will see many 20-year-olds dress up in beautiful kimonos. 


At mono-koto store, we have many new seasonal items such as Pochi-bukuro (mini envelopes) and cute porcelain dolls. Please enjoy your shopping at mono-koto store online!




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