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SHIWASU 師走 ; A Busy Month in Japan! 【New/Restocked Items in December】

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It’s been a while since we posted the last blog! How are you? 

In Hiroshima city Japan where Monokoto store is located, the red leaves are starting to fall and a cold winter breeze is telling us that the winter is here! 

We call December "Shiwasu" 師走. 師【shi】 means monk or teacher and 走【wasu】 means run in Japanese. Usually masters are calm, but December is a busy month that even masters have to run around.

From Shiwasu師走 Japan, we have many new items that we want to show you!  

Starting off with extremely soft gauze kitchen towel. They are big enough for pillow cover!

YARN HOME kitchen cloth


Materials are manufactured in the same way as medical cotton wool and gauze. So they are extremely clean and pure. We recommend for people especially with atopic dermatitis (eczema) and for small children.


We also have RIVERET Goblet. RIVERET's products are all made of bamboo, and their raw materials are from their own bamboo forest. Bamboo tablewares are very light and the surface is so smooth. All dishwasher safe, so very easy to wash and take care. 



And last but not least, Tenugui a Japanese cotton towels. New designs arrived from MIYAMOTO Co.,Ltd. We added some winter designs! Cute and modern designs with traditional colors are so unique. It makes a great wall decoration and of course for kitchen towels too! 

kenema tenugui

We have more exciting Japanese products coming your way! For new items, check our NEW ITEMS on!

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