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New and Restocked items in March

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In Hiroshima, now is the best season to view ume blossoms. Daytime temperature here in Hiroshima is around 50°F and the air is definitely getting warmer.

In Japan,  Spring Equinox Day is on March 20th and many Japanese visit the family graves and honor their ancestors on this day. We usually say, 寒さ暑さも彼岸まで[samusa atsusa mo higan made]. This means, heat and cold will only last until the equinox. Yes, spring is just around the corner! 

I just love having lunch outside especially during this season and we have some useful items that we want to introduce to you for your spring picnic!  





First of all, you will need a bento box to pack your lunch and we would strongly recommend this cedar wood bento box for your lunch buddy. The cedar wood absorbs moderate amount of moisture, keeping rice fresh and delicious! The slight scent of natural cedar wood makes rice even more delicious.

We waited for more than 6 months and they are finally here! We have restocked cedar wood bento boxes!


Kurikyu Cedar Wood Bento Box

kurikyu magewappa ceda bento box


You can make a simple bag with it and even use it as a mat. KOTONOWA furoshiki is indeed a useful item for a picnic.


KOTONOWA Furoshiki

Japanese traditional item, furoshiki designed by Finnish designers, Heini Riitahuhta and Juho Vitasalo. They took traditional furoshiki to another level!

They are made of 100% Cotton, hand dyed one by one by skilled craftsmen in Kyoto using Tenassen technique.

日本の風呂敷文化とフィンランドデザイナー、ヘイニ・リータフフタとヴィータサロ ユホのコラボレーション。素材はナチュラルな木綿100%。染めはこだわりの「手捺染(てなっせん)」。一枚一枚、京都の熟練した染め職人が手作業で染め上げています。

 KOTONOWA Furoshiki 

KOTONOWA furoshiki

We will be adding more new items (including local potteries!) to our online store. Please check NEW ITEM page for our latest items!

随時新しいアイテムを追加しています。時期、陶器を追加する予定ですので、NEW ITEMS ページをチェックしてみてくださいね。

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