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NIPPON SANPO"にっぽんさんぽ" #001

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (Genbaku Dome) to Hiroshima monokoto store


Our store located in Hiroshima city which is known worldwide as the first city in history to be the victim of the atomic bomb.  In the center of Hiroshima city, there is Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The atomic bomb dome inside the park was registered as a World Heritage Site and visited by a lot of people. In the park there are museums, place exhibits arts made of origami cranes, and information center. People can not only learn history of Hiroshima and war, but also enjoy visiting riverside café or river cruising, and feel Hiroshima, the city of water.




Today, we would like to tell you how to visit Hiroshima monokoto store from Hiroshima peace Memorial Park and show around Hiroshima city!

When you walk around Hiroshima city, you can still see the scars of the A-bomb such as exposure stone or tiles of buildings.



In the main street of Hiroshima city called Hondo-ri, you can find and feel many kinds of “Nippon”.

You can find tons of interesting stores. For example, stores sells anime and manga character items, games, famous Hiroshima brushes called Kumano-Fude. A store called Yume Plaza- the Hiroshima souvenir store and Daiso, the hundred yen ($1) store is very popular for foreign tourists.



Walking down the street 10 minutes, please turn right at the middle of the street.
You will find a pencil-shaped monument……turn right, and there is a cow monument.
Rght next to the cow monument, there you go!


Welcome to Hiroshima monokoto store! Do you know the meaning of our store name?

“mono” means stuff and items, “koto” means things and events. Our goal is to make monokoto store as a place that our customer can see and feel not only “traditional” but also “new, interesting and modern” Hiroshima. We collect all kinds of “Hiroshima” such as traditional products, fashion items, interiors and so on. Please come to our store! You will not regret!

Hiroshima monokoto store:





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