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NIPPON SANPO"にっぽんさんぽ" #002

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Setsubun (Bean- Throwing Festival) at monokoto store

Setsusbun, the traditional custom is not a national holiday but widely celebrated throughout Japan on February 3rd. Traditionally, people throw roasted soy beans throughout their home or schools, shouting “oni wa soto” (demons, out!) and “fuku wa uchi” (Good luck, in!). During Setsubun, one member of the family (normally the father) or teachers (if at school) will dress as an oni (demon) and children throw the beans at the oni to drive away evil spirits and bad luck. In addition, there is another custom to eat a thick large sushi roll called “Eho-maki” on Setsubun. “Eho” means lucky direction, and “maki” means sushi roll. It is said good luck to eat the Eho-maki while facing the year’s lucky compass direction determined by the zodiac symbol of the year. Of course all staff member of monokoto store ate the Eho-maki together! FYI: This year’s lucky direction is South-southeast.


23日には、「鬼は外 福はうち」といいながら、豆まきをする光景がよく見られます。幼稚園や小学校では先生が鬼役になり、家庭ではお父さんが鬼役になり、鬼のお面をつけた鬼を、子供たちが豆をぶつけて退治するのです。

Moreover, there is a custom to eat sardines on that day. It is said that demons hate the smell of sardines, and cooking sardines make them away form their home. In addition, the bad spirit will not enter by putting up sardine heads and holly leaves on house entrances. 

There is a lot of traditional customs in Japan, people enjoy them since they were a child. I believe there is no other country would put a sushi roll comic foreground in front of convenience store.




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