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NIPPON SANPO"にっぽんさんぽ" #003

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March 3rd Hinamatsuri

March3rd –the season of the peach blossom,



This day is a special day called “Hinamatsuri” (also called Girl’s day or Doll’s day), to pray and celebrate for the growth of girls. It is also called “Momo no sekku” (means peach festival). On this day, families with girls set up the “Hina ningyo” (special doll for this day), eat snack called “Hina Arare” or “Chirashi-zushi” (Sushi-rice topped with raw fish and other lucky ingredients), drink sweet sake, and celebrate the special day.

Traditionally, Hina ningyo was prepared by mother side of family because it used to be one of the dowry in Japan. However, that custom is changing and people can purchase the dolls by themselves nowadays.





You may imagine “playing with dolls” for the day, but actually the Hina ningyo are only for display.

The top two dolls represent emperor and empress, the three girls on the second platform are lady-in-waiting, and the 5 guys on the third floor are court musicians. Sometimes, there can be ministers. The numbers of dolls are different depends on the family.




There are gorgeous Hina ningyo with 5 or 7 platforms.

Nowadays, it is popular to display simple ones such as emperor and empress only or, palm sized dolls.




Surprisingly, this beautiful dolls are displayed only 1 month in each year.

Why? Because there is a superstition says that leaving the dolls past march 4 will result in a late marriage for the daughter. In addition, it is also believed that 1 day late of removing can be 1 year late marriage…… so if you remove the doll on March 10th which result in 7 years late of your daughter’s marriage. You really want to put it away ASAP….don’t you?  Actually there is a lot of people who still says “My daughter doesn’t get married because we didn’t put away the Hina ningyo so long!”



しかも、1日片づけるのが遅れると1年婚期が遅れるといわれています。3月4日に片づけると1年、3月10日に片づけると、なんと7年も! これじゃ、さっさと片づけたくもなりますよね。今でも、「娘の結婚が遅いのは、雛飾りをずっと飾っていたからだ」なんて言う人が多くいるんですよ。


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